Billy Crosby

Pleasure Garden - 21 Wickham Road with Rebecca Guez, Sophie Giller, Ollie Onley, Chris Thompson, Tom Platt, Thomas Greig and Jack Lavender

Fatal Attraction - Thames-Side Studios Gallery with Matt Ager, Ellie Barrett, Beth Collar, Billy Crosby, Sessa Englund Doireann nI Ghrioghair, Milly Peck, Michael Pybus, Chris Thompson, Felix Treadwell

Salt Castles - Lewisham Art House with Rebecca Guez and Thomas Greig

Props - Camberwell Space

Changelings - The Flying Dutchman with Victoria Adam, Ellie Barrett, Sessa Englund, Stuart Middleton and Chris Thompson. Curated by Chris Thompson.

Solopreneur - Kingsgate Project Space with Paola Ciarska, Daniela Dyson, Molly Eliza Gough, Jack Greenwell, Kitty Hall, Eleanor Elks Herrmannsen, Sarah Jenkins, Ruth Waters, Jack West, Lauren Williamson, Wuji Ye. Curated by Ellie Davies

Degree Show - Camberwell College of Arts

Jennifer Acrylic, mirror, glass eye and nails on MDF

Creaky Acrylic glass eyes and nails on MDF

Test Test

Frank Acrylic and glass eyes on MDF

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